Full Name
Joan FitzGerald
Job Title
SVP Advanced TV
PremiumMedia 360
Joan FitzGerald, SVP Advanced TV, PremiumMedia 360, is renowned for her proven ability to help buyers and sellers realize greater profit through better data, improved efficiency and reduced costs. Joan’s career at solutions providers PremiumMedia 360 and TiVO, and measurement providers Comscore and Nielsen/Arbitron focuses on television, radio and digital media success using data strategies that enable revenue growth through machine learning-based automation, audience targeting and outcomes-based measurement. Today, media must be data-centric to transact faster and more accurately and to compete in an increasingly data-driven ecosystem. Working with broadcasters and their advertising agency partners, Joan has been a driving force behind advances in data automation and helping the industry reclaim revenue by reconciling TV and OTT advertising dollars in hours, not months.
Joan FitzGerald